Reine Metlej

Reine Metlej




Reine Metlej is an engineer, an award-winning entrepreneur, and an accomplished startups trainer and business consultant. She holds an MS in civil engineering with a minor in environmental engineering. Reine is a certified startup and entrepreneurship trainer, providing workshops and training to accelerators, incubators, and organizations across the MENA region. She also serves as a waste management and business consultant for global projects. Reine is the founder of BIOwayste, a startup that converts organic waste into gas and fertilizer. She has earned 10 awards and 35 certificates from renowned institutions and is a sought-after panelist, keynote speaker, and jury member at various events, discussing topics such as climate change mitigation, waste management strategies, women’s empowerment, and youth development. Reine's expertise extends to serving as a sustainability consultant and her roles as a startup trainer and business coach. She is also actively involved in youth-focused initiatives as a Jeel Connector with the European Union and a Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum. Her dedication to empowerment and sustainability is evident in her multifaceted career and contributions.

Speaking at

October 12 2023

17:15 h - 18:45 h

Plenary B