8-10 October 2024

IUCN Leaders Forum

Harnessing innovation, enabling conservation

Join us in Geneva, Switzerland for the third edition of the IUCN Leaders Forum.

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Network with fellow leaders

Exchange with fellow leaders

Learn from global experts

Learn from global experts

Build powerful connections

Build powerful connections

Learn from global experts

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IUCN Leaders Forum 2023

IUCN Leaders Forum 2022

Speakers from our previous editions

Ban Ki-moon
The 8th Secretary-General
United Nations
Bertrand Piccard
Solar Impulse Foundation
Zaya Guarani
Indigenous model and activist
from the Brazilian Amazon
Patrick Odier
President, Swiss Sustainable Finance, and Chairman
Building Bridges
Patricia Danzi
Swiss agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Zakia Khattabi
Federal Minister of Climate, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Green Deal
Rob Cameron
Vice President Global Head of Public Affairs and ESG Engagement
Sylvie Goulard
International panel on Biodiversity Credits
IUCN LF 2022
“A forum like the IUCN Leaders Forum is extremely useful because it brings all stakeholders together around the table to discuss at the same time, the right issues particularly with regard to financing nature-based solutions which become essential in fighting not only nature challenges, but also climate challenges.” Patrick Odier, Senior Managing Partner, Lombard Odier Group
LF 2022
“The IUCN Leaders Forum is really a testament to the need for collective action. IUCN through its vast and diverse membership – was able to bring actors from government, civil society, indigenous populations, members from youth, private sector – all convening equally around a common table and a collective goal to bring nature as a priority in the global agenda.” Razan Al Mubarak, President, IUCN
IUCN LF 2022
“The IUCN Leaders Forum provided a unique platform for discussing, developing and implementing innovative ideas for a nature-positive future.” Vriko Yu, Co-founder and CEO, Archireef and IUCN Leaders Forum 2022 Changemaker

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