An inclusive Forum

In addition to its own gender strategy and anti-harassment policy, IUCN follows the guidance of the Gender-Responsive Assemblies toolkit produced by the International Gender Champions.

IUCN will not tolerate any unreciprocated and/or unwelcome comments, gestures, actions, suggestions, symbols, and/or physical contact based on: 

  • individual’s gender, 
  • gender identity and expression, 
  • sexual orientation, 
  • disability, 
  • physical appearance, 
  • body size, 
  • ethnicity, 
  • race, 
  • national origin, 
  • age, 
  • religion, 
  • working language proficiency or, 
  • other personal characteristics.

Furthermore, IUCN’s Forum endeavoured to:

  • Promote and strive for equal participation of all men and women as well as equitable interventions/speaking time; 
  • Strive for gender parity in selection of speakers and composition of panels;
  • Put in place measures that allow all attendees to experience an event free from any harassment;
  • Prevent sexism and combat gender stereotypes to ensure that gender inequalities are not perpetuated; 
  • Ensure that a gender perspective will inform session planning; and 
  • Promote and advance IUCN’s work and policies on gender in conservation and sustainable development.